Feb 20, 2011

A mostly uneventful week

Plans for ECCC have pretty much been scrapped. I just don't have the funds right now on top of other personal issues. Which is not really helping with that whole depression thing. It also makes it pretty imperative that I manage to make it out to D*Con so I can retain my active member status with the Mercs since I can't think of any other events anytime soon that I can do (especially given that all my costumes are still packed up down in Oregon at my brother's apartment, and when they come up here it will be only into a storage unit as I have zero room where I'm currently living).

Pere and I may go to Sakuracon, but we're not really sure on that either. Money is just suck right now, and I'm horribly depressed and in a miserable funk. 

Aside from that I have accomplished virtually nothing this week, beyond picking up Morrowind again and being talked into learning Magic: The Gathering once more (I tried back in high school but for various reasons never got hardcore into it).

But, onto the costuming front, which is really what anybody who is here is probably here for. *chuckle*

Nothing of my own stuff got done. The Steampunk Mando items are sitting quite forlornly near the bookshelf waiting for it to be warmer out so I can sit outside and do some of the work that needs to be done. Also need to get Pere to do my measurements to make the corset pattern so I can get to work figuring out the corset vest for that outfit and from there decide how much the right kind of fabric will set me back.

Spent a good chunk of last night stripping paint from yet another of Pere's helmets. This time it was the Stormtrooper Master Replicas one. We thought that all I had to strip off was the black on the front grill and around the indents. . . .oh god were we wrong. I realized while working on the indents that all that white was in fact paint. Yes, Master Replicas apparently decided to paint the white plastic white rather than just polishing the WHITE plastic. *sigh* So my arm is killing my today. Stripping an entire painted helmet with half a bottle of nail polish remover and cotton balls is not good for carpal tunnel. But at least it's done, and Pere can move on to other aspects of the helmets that need work.

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