Jan 22, 2013

So I haven't had a WIP post in a while. . .

Sorry about that. I got so busy getting ready for C6 and the trip across country, and I've been alternating between busy or just mentally preoccupied with other stuff since then. (It was a surprisingly busy last couple of months.)

February is looking like it's going to be an interesting month. Not much currently going on event wise, but I've got minion meeting stuff for ECCC, plus potential jury duty on top of having to try to help several other people with costumes before ECCC.

ECCC is at the beginning of March, so I'm working on getting the remake of my modern era Mandalorian Beastmaster finished and official before then. (Set myself the goal of getting some trading cards made with it if I do.) I'm honestly not sure if I'll cart any other costumes over; I'm thinking about maybe wearing the Sith Scout, but it's going to depend on how my weight loss goes I think.

After ECCC I've got until D*Con to hopefully finish up a custom fantasy barbarian and my original series Trek uniform. Otherwise I'll just be there in mando gear again.

Anyway, WIP stuffs.

I started upgrading the original kit a couple of months ago. I love the early crusader version I made, but really I think I dig the modern era one more. Because of my limited budget, I'm trying to make due with using as much as I can out of what I already have. (So far all I've had to buy was some more black paint for the horns and visor trim again as my last bottle is running low.) The chest, shoulder, and knee armor will all be the armor from my Femmeprotector kit. So the helmet is getting repainted with the green that I used on the protector (plus some of the gold/yellow on the cheeks), and I'll be repainting the gauntlets to the gold/yellow of the shoulders and knees. The helmet was a little beat up after being stored for so long (plus I had rushed it), so I first spent a little bit of time filling in old problem areas and doing a better job hiding the dent.
Currently I've got the base metal paint down; I need to get another can of the proper green spray paint and figure out where my weathering toothpaste went. Then I'll start the weathering and final painting process. (Not really looking forward to the reapplications of weathering I'm going to have to do after masking off areas to paint the yellow down then having to paint the black on after that.)
After it's fully painted and weathered I'll be sorting out how I'm going to do the back skirt like the last helmet had. (Visor will be smoked this time around since I don't have any more mirrored tinting.)

Sith Armor
This isn't one I'm necessarily trying to get done this year, as I've got no idea how long the fabric work for it is going to take. (We're talking complete pattern creation at this rate, and Pere has got a lot of other projects I'd rather he worked on.) But, I've been putzing around with the armor pieces just to get them out of my workspace.

The intended color scheme for it has changed from the original design since I decided to just work with paints I have. Right now it looks like the armor and mask will be bronze with ruby (rather than gold with maroon), and I'll probably be leaving the purple paint off and just working the purple into the fabric part. Currently the mask is curing a bit more before I spray down the ruby, then it will just be a matter of installing the strapping to hold it on and the lenses for the eyes. The shoulder armor might need one more pass with the bronze; we'll see tomorrow when I inspect it.
Going to start looking at Joanns for gem options to stick on the shoulders. My sith is fancy. :D

Jan 7, 2013

Avenger's Initiative - Quasi Month 3

This is coming a bit sooner on the heels of the Month 2 report, in large part because I signed up for the Curves 30 Day Challenge which means measurements and weigh in were done today. I didn't have as much progress (I think) between the last one and this because 1) it's the holidays which = delicious holiday food and 2) with my brother up for Christmas - New Years I didn't really have time to get in and work out. I tried as best I could to supplement that by walking plenty as we were busy most days my brother was visiting.

I'm putting a "?" next to the new ab measurement since we weren't actually sure if we were measuring it at the right point, so I think it'll be simpler if I just omit that one this time around.

Fingers crossed I can really bust my butt this month and do good on the 30 day challenge. I'm going to try to supplement workouts at Curves with walking as much as I can (especially since I may be disappearing for a bit to help my brother temporarily move his stuff across country).

December 23 - January 7

Beginning Measurements:
Bust - 43
Waist - 38.75
Abdomen - 48
Hip - 47.5
Thigh - 29
Arm - 16.5
Body Fat % - 39.1

Calories Burned:
12/23 - Port Townsend/Fort Worden walk
12/24 - Winslow walk (short)
12/26 - Silverdale walk
12/27 - Walk down to Battlepoint Park (around park twice then back home)
12/28 - Seattle all day walk
12/30 - Poulsbo walk
12/31 - Seattle half day walk

1/7 - 364

End Measurements:
Bust - 44
Waist - 38.5
Abdomen - ?
Hip - 48
Thigh - 28
Arm - 17
Body Fat % - 38.7 

Avenger's Initiative - Month 2

This past month I fully admit I did not do 100%. First I came down with a cold, then my brother stayed to visit for longer than he had originally planned so I only got to work out twice in those two weeks (I hope that some of my walking at least partially made up for that). Then I admit there were a couple of times where I just got busy and forgot, once when I showed up too late because I forgot they close an hour earlier on Friday, and then the time I missed because my cat can be a shit head and attacked my arm, leaving some bruises and puncture wounds that I didn't want to aggravate. So, yeah. :/

On the plus side, I finally hit my goal of 400 calories burned in a workout. So there's that at least. ^_^

November 16th - December 19

Beginning Measurements: 
Bust - 43
Waist - 39
Abdomen - 43
Hip - 48
Thigh - 14
Arm - 17
Body Fat % - 39.30

Calories Burned:
11/16 - Poulsbo walk (about 5 hours)
11/17 - Seattle walk (all day)
11/20 - 4 mile walk
11/21 - 344
11/22 - Seattle walk (all day)
11/26 - 349
11/28 - 387

12/3 - 400
12/5 - 402
12/10 - 382
12/12 - 368
12/14 - 395
12/19 - 392

End Measurements:
Bust - 43
Waist - 38.75
Abdomen - 48
Hip - 47.5
Thigh - 29
Arm - 16.5
Body Fat % - 39.1  

Event Report: Star Wars Reads Day (Silverdale Banes and Noble)

(I am so incredibly ashamed I didn't have this posted sooner. It's actually been typed up since the event, but for some reason I only saved it as a draft and never published it until now. >_< My bad guys.)

Star Wars Reads Day was an event by DK Publishing and LFL held nationwide at libraries and bookstores on October 6, 2012. I signed Terentatek Clan up for the one at the Silverdale Barnes and Noble since we've been trying to get more members on this side of the water.

Myself, Uloadus, K'raysh, Trengence, and Pere all made it out there. K'raysh was going to be in kit, but unfortunately his visor broke the night before while he was trying to install it into his new helmet so he ended up just being a spotter.

We had a lot of fun at the event. One of the B&N booksellers was dressed up as Princess Leia, and she did the story time as well as showing the kids how to make origami Yodas. We mostly wandered around the store (hanging out primarily near the kid's section, customer service, and the front) posing for pictures with people and answering questions about the club. After story time we posed for a group photo with Leia and the kids, then individual pictures and talking with people while the origami stuff was going on. (I fully admit I also went over to the coloring station and made a pretty pink and blue colored mando. <_<    >_>)

Last thing for the day was a raffle for some posters and books. Leia held the box and read the winners aloud while I drew them. We hung around for a little while after the raffle to talk to some potential recruits (or at the very least people who found the costuming interesting lol) then dekitted and headed to the cafe to relax and chat for a bit. All in all, I really enjoyed this event and hope they do another one next year.

Nov 21, 2012

Avenger's Initiative - Month 1

So, as some of you may know back in October I won a month free at Curves. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned all this before (if not here then I KNOW I have on my Facebook), but long story short my parent's wrangled up enough money for me to get a membership. And I've been busting my ass since then trying to lose weight/get in better shape for a group cosplay. (I needn't explain it more than to point at the title of this blog post. lol)

In the spirit of oversharing (and making me feel like I'm actually keeping this thing up to date even when I'm not currently working on costumes), I figured I'd chart my progress each month here. The "months" will be decided by whenever Curves has me do the monthly measurements/weigh in, so updates won't be up until I get the print-out each month (which will be the visit after the measurements are done).

I admit I'm leaving weight off because honestly my weight makes me cringe, and I'd prefer to just post when it hits marks I'm happy with it hitting.  Oh, and Calories Burned starts off on October 12 because my first couple of workouts weren't on the Curves Smart program ergo there's no data for them.

October 8 - November 12

Beginning Measurements:

Bust - 43
Waist - 39
Abdomen - 43
Hip - 49.50
Thigh - 14.75
Arm (bicep) - 8.50
Body Fat % - 39.80

Calories burned:

10/12 - 258
10/15 - 327
10/17 - 345
10/19 - 346
10/22 - 357
10/24 - 359
10/26 - 385
10/29 - 368
10/31 - 375

11/5 - 385
11/7 - 354
11/9 - 358    
11/12 - 374

End Measurements:

Bust - 43
Waist - 39
Abdomen - 43
Hip - 48 (1.5 inches lost)
Thigh - 14 (.75 inches lost)
Arm - 17
Body Fat % - 39.30 (0.50% lost)

Oct 7, 2012

Event Report: Star Wars Celebration 6

I know, I know. I'm waaaay far behind in updating. But, I'm trying at least! *chuckle* This will mostly be the post for C6 itself; I'll probably do another one about the trip in general since there was a lot of fun stuff during that.

I have to admit, I did find it kind of amusing that the first time I'd been back in my birth state in probably about 21ish years (we left when I was 2 or 3. . I'm not sure which) happened to be on my birthday. I'll also say, I honestly do not want to go back. :/ I mean, I will because I still need to visit Disneyworld and Universal and pretty much every other tourist destination there that I haven't been to. And Celebration 7 in all likelihood. But omg the humidity is terrible (and the driver's aren't much better). I'm not just complaining because my glasses would fog up stepping outside, or because it was like stepping into a shower, but also because it most likely killed my camera. After day 2 or so it was starting to focus weird and since we've gotten back it's developed bad lines across photos.

That first day we mostly spent getting our stuff organized in the room and geeking out with our roommates. Second day was the start of the convention, and I did my usual recon in civilian clothes to see how things were laid out. (Plus I had Merc's booth duty.) It was kind of like a really weird scavenger hunt since I kept stopping random mandos to ask where our booth was, each one pointing in a direction where I'd end up stopping another and so on until I finally figured out where the booth was. lol Even though it was the first day and I was out of kit, I did bring my sexy new Night Owl helmet from Skirata Arms since I wanted to show it off before Saturday when I'd wear the entire kit. Ceric was awesome enough to have snagged me some birthday hats on his way to the convention, so my helmet spent the day on the Merc's table with it's swag on.
And I got to be all "pewpewpew!" in the speeder bike:
Spent the rest of the day wandering around looking at the legos and cars and Make a Wish Foundation helmets, and that night it was the Merc's Birthday Bash (5 years!). Love the swag we got (mugs, stickers, patches, bookmarks) and the food wasn't half bad. Though I'm pretty sure most of us ended up going out to the hotel convenience store to buy drinks 'cause $3 for a glass of soda that was almost all ice was not cool (neither was the $8 for a tiny martini glass of whatever they were mixing). Speeches were given, prizes and awards were handed out, and Jeremy Bulloch told Tom he was fired. lol Uloadus of Terentatek Clan (my guys ^_^) got the party started after all the presentation stuff by dragging people out on the dance floor. After the party ended quite a few of us invaded the pool and the hot tub; I can honestly say that's the first time I've been in a bathing suit since 8th grade. I felt awkward and have totally forgotten how to swim, but Miss Tori convinced me to go with her. I have to admit, I am very glad for friends who drag me to things sometimes.

Friday (ie, second day of con, third day in Orlando)

Started off the day by working at The Dark Empire's table even though I'd left my sith and sith recruitment scout at home. (Sadly with the weight I've gained I didn't want to wear either of them.) I did pull on my SRS sash at least, so I had that.

Even though my Early Crusader Beast Master mando wasn't approved (I had a moment of really stupid and forgot to make knee armor), I still pulled it on for a test troop on Friday. I have to say, it actually held up pretty well (I can't say the same about during the trip back. . .it's on my table with stuff to be repaired). I did some wandering up to the Droid Builder's room where I ran into a guy with a really awesome Endor Trooper costume. The only picture I got with him does not do his costume justice; the detail was fantastic. After that room Pere and I wandered back down to the main floor so I could get my picture with Roxy the Rancor, something that had pretty much been my goal since I saw the first posts about a life sized rancor being made for the con. (And really the biggest reason I did the test troop at all, otherwise I would have just left the costume at home.) I haven't got much more in the way of pictures that I took that day since Pere went off to some panels he wanted to see while I spent time wandering some more and posing for pictures for random con goers.


For the record, I was up until probably about 5-6 am working on stuff to try to finish my purple kit. My purple stomach wraps weren't working so I ultimately just pulled on my beast master's red ones (they sort of work. . .well, at least enough that I don't know people would realize they were the wrong ones unless they knew I was making purple ones). The boot armor took the longest since I hadn't realized just how long it was going to take me to get the laces through the set up for the armor plus the lacing area itself. Long story short, I ended up missing the Merc's official member photo, but I got there in time to step in when they got everybody (official or not) into the shot, plus the females only photo. Most of this day was spent wandering around posing for pictures while I killed time until my 4 pm Honor Guard Duty at Jeremy Bulloch's table (of course I'm pretty sure I'm in a fair amount of people's photos of him and his table. . .lol). Pere was off at more panels so I've only got a couple of pics of my kit since I had to hand the camera off to others. I did find out I can kneel in this kit, it just popped one of the straps on my shin armor (which is honestly ok. . I was going to redo all the straps on the boot/shin armor anyway). All I needed was for my kit to last until after my guard duty, and it did. Now it's kind of tucked away where I can fix it up.

Sunday (last day of con)

Pere had planned on having his Royal Guard to wear at C6. He'd ordered a new helmet off ebay (his old one is a Don Post that he's fixing), but it got here too late for him to do all the correction work and painting on it before we left. So he tried to get the painting done while we were stopped in TN on our way down at my parent's house. That probably would have worked except the paint was still too tacky to put it in the car, so he left it for my mom to overnight down to us at the hotel with the thought that the paint would be fine. Unfortunately (either due to the thickness of the paint or to the humidity in TN), the paint wasn't cured enough, and when he opened it at the hotel the paint was too badly damaged to be usable. Thankfully Rubies had their new Royal Guard helmet for sale at their booth, and thankfully it's actually a pretty damn good helmet. I'm not so happy about the price. . . .but he really wanted his costume for his photo op with Ian McDiarmid. So he got that, and I ended up buying one of the crappy Anakin gloves and cutting the straps off so he'd have at least a glove to use. His actual glove didn't get sewn in time because the hotel carpet ate my sewing needle. -_- He got his photo and autograph though, plus he kept getting stopped for pictures as we were walking around.

While he was waiting in line to get his photo taken with McDiarmid, I wandered off and got Jeremy's autograph since I figured given this is the third time I've met him I should probably actually get it for once. Got both a picture autographed and one of the old convention exclusive Boba toys that Pere gave me autographed. After Pere got his stuff we just wandered among the booths (with mostly Pere buying stuff and me unsuccessfully looking for a nexxu toy) until convention close (which was waay too early in the day if you ask me).
No idea who the guy in the chair is; he just wanted Pere to pose with him for his picture. lol


 'Cause I like showing off.

Not so much swag as thing I had to buy because omg cute (AT-AT bag from Thinkgeek):

Lightsaber poster tube. Because why not?
Merc's C6 exclusive patches (Left - Volunteer patch, Right - Birthday bash patch):
Merc's exclusive C6 print by Brian (dude, I can never remember how to spell your last name):
And the R2-KT patches I picked up (one is the C6 one, the other is one of the St. Patrick's Day ones):


Sep 10, 2012

Recovering from the dreaded Con Crud

I know, I know. I haven't updated in ages. I spent a good chunk of time running around like a chicken with it's head off before Celebration 6 trying to finish up multiple costumes, then I was at C6 and stayed out there through D*Con.

D*Con was a bit of a last minute plan. I found out Richard Dean Anderson was going to be there, and Pere was awesome enough to get me a ticket for his autograph as a birthday present. We had been planning on heading down there on that Monday to get our badges for next year anyway. So it became a "head there on Sunday and get badges then plus hang out" plan instead.

I'll have pics and report stuff up for Celebration soonish (in theory). I've been pretty busy once we got back, too. (We drove out there and back; so I was without internet for a good chunk of time.) Had an event on Friday not too long after we got back, and I spent the weekend trying to get some of my stuff put away again. (The garage is still a mess.)

Right now though I'm going to take some pain meds for my head (stupid con crud has me coughing so much my head has started pounding) and make some soup.

And yell at my cat to stop chewing on the plastic bags. -_-