Jan 7, 2013

Avenger's Initiative - Quasi Month 3

This is coming a bit sooner on the heels of the Month 2 report, in large part because I signed up for the Curves 30 Day Challenge which means measurements and weigh in were done today. I didn't have as much progress (I think) between the last one and this because 1) it's the holidays which = delicious holiday food and 2) with my brother up for Christmas - New Years I didn't really have time to get in and work out. I tried as best I could to supplement that by walking plenty as we were busy most days my brother was visiting.

I'm putting a "?" next to the new ab measurement since we weren't actually sure if we were measuring it at the right point, so I think it'll be simpler if I just omit that one this time around.

Fingers crossed I can really bust my butt this month and do good on the 30 day challenge. I'm going to try to supplement workouts at Curves with walking as much as I can (especially since I may be disappearing for a bit to help my brother temporarily move his stuff across country).

December 23 - January 7

Beginning Measurements:
Bust - 43
Waist - 38.75
Abdomen - 48
Hip - 47.5
Thigh - 29
Arm - 16.5
Body Fat % - 39.1

Calories Burned:
12/23 - Port Townsend/Fort Worden walk
12/24 - Winslow walk (short)
12/26 - Silverdale walk
12/27 - Walk down to Battlepoint Park (around park twice then back home)
12/28 - Seattle all day walk
12/30 - Poulsbo walk
12/31 - Seattle half day walk

1/7 - 364

End Measurements:
Bust - 44
Waist - 38.5
Abdomen - ?
Hip - 48
Thigh - 28
Arm - 17
Body Fat % - 38.7 

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