Apr 4, 2012

Event Report: Emerald City Comic Con 2012

Whew. Hectic last couple of days, but I'm finally able to take a little bit of time to get this written up.

So. ECCC 2012. It was awesome. Peregrinus and I were both Minions (the convention volunteers) and worked several hour shifts each day. Long story short, I ended up not bringing any of my own costumes since I didn't want to have to haul them over to the hotel then back over to the ferry only to get to wear them for a tiny amount of time. Probably for the best anyway since my feet were killing me just after day one from all the standing you do as a Minion.

Friday I only had a little bit of time after con open to hang out. Spent most of it hanging around in the skybridge since I needed to meet up with a Merc recruit so he could try on my commando helmet to see how the fit would be on him if he bought one. Minion shift was mostly spent working the door to the Exhibitor's Hall helping people if they had direction related questions. I'm pretty sure I did something for a little bit after that but can't really recall what. I had about 15 minutes after my shift ended to run through the vendors, and luckily I ran into a couple of Merc's recruits, one of which was able to direct me to the booth that had some Jango Pez dispensers still (I only ever had the Boba so I got Jango to go with my Mando toy collection). Pere and I spent some of that night after the con up at the Ltd. Art Gallery for their "Mint Condition" comic con art show (also, their mixed drinks were kinda awesome. . .fufu berry Jones soda with vodka ftw).

Saturday I spent about 30 minutes in Adam Baldwin's line to snag his autograph (this also meant I had to spend 30 minutes listening to the guy behind me explain his My Little Pony/Thundercats fan fiction to somebody else). But, hey, I've only been waiting to get his autograph since D*Con 2008. So, that completed my trifecta of Firefly/Serenity autographs that I absolutely had to have (got Fillion's and Tudyk's at D*Con '08). If I'd had the money I would have gotten Summer Glau's, but, alas, no monies for that. Pere and I hoped into Christopher Judge's line so I could get his autograph for my brother, and Pere gave him a box of Jaffa Cakes he found at Central (we were in the store and he picked them up and started laughing; I was pretty much like "you're bringing those to ECCC for Christopher Judge, aren't you?"). We spent the last little bit before our Minion shift started going through some of the dealer's and the artist's tables. Met up with one of the local artists we'd actually first met at D*Con '11 then stopped by the Girl Genius table so Jonah could inquire about getting the rest of their signatures on the newest Volume One omnibus, and I went ahead and snagged their adorable little steampunk heart pin. Because I've been wanting it since it came out. :D Minion shift I spent the first half of standing up at registration directing people, then I got to go work the line control for both one of the DC artist's booths then over at the Image booth for Kirkman's autographing session. I would like to take this time to strongly suggest if you don't want to have your fellow con-goers murder you, don't bring every single issue of a comic ever made plus all your friend's copies to have signed. He singed stuff fast, but I still had to listen to the other people in line start complaining every time somebody got up there with a ton of stuff.

Saturday night we had fun at dinner down in the Elephant & Castle with some of the 501st and a couple of the other TK Merc's clan members. The fish and chips there is awesome, btw. Since Thaxos was rooming with us, we also spent that night in the room making the rest listen to the podcast. XD

For the record, I'm pretty sure none of us got much in the way of sleep. We kept saying we should go to bed then always ended up staying awake until around 3 am talking. On the bright side, I have a potential romance novel title out of it all. "Between the calves of two men." I think it'd be a best seller. lmao

Anyway, with Sunday as the last day we ran over to check out the gaming section (I got my brother a nifty Drizzt print) then were back to work as Minions. I got a chance to work panel entry, which wasn't too bad actually. Though the artist for the first panel ended up canceling and it sort of turned into a Minion Q&A. XD After that I was put on line duty up in the voice actor's section. For the record, I pretty much felt like a horrible person because I was the line cap for a My Little Pony actress' line and had to turn away a crying little girl. :/ But other than that it wasn't too bad. Though I am still sad I missed Wil Wheaton since I got down to the celebrity room a little too late.

So, in parting, some of the few pictures I managed to take while running around like a chicken with its head cut off: