Oct 31, 2011

Costume updates (with pictures ^_^)

I said I'd do it, so I am. lol

Sith (Armored, TOR era)

Found the inspiration for my soft goods on a picture secret over on LJSecret (like PostSecrets but on LiveJournal). So ignore the blotted out part, that's just from me marking out the secret.
Obviously it won't be as ruffly. (Which is kind of sad because I think that outfit is damn cute.) And I'm not sure just how close I'll be sticking to it, but it's a nice base to work from. I'll be adding a hood which I'm borrowing the style of from Darth Revan. (When I'm wearing the masked version I'll do like Revan's do and have the balaclava on; otherwise it'll just be the hood and probably some make-up and contacts.)

For the armor I'm currently modifying one of the Hasbro Grievous masks and some armor from one of the Narnia costumes. Don't ask me which one, I honestly don't know. I just found the shoulder armor at Goodwill for $1 each. Originally I thought I was going to have to fill in all the filigree deco on the shoulders, but after looking at it and grabbing a screwdriver to pry at things, I discovered the filigree was actually just some rubbery stuff they glued on. So off it came. Have a gem I'm putting in the big gap on the shoulder with the neck guard. I'll also be using the epoxy putty to sclupt some more deco on. The Grievous mask is getting shortened (so it actually fits), having the mouth and ear areas redone (to a degree), and possibly having some changes to the eyes (beyond just a new visor).

I'm still unsure about the rest of the armor, but I'm pretty confident it will work itself out in time.

Kora - Winter Kit

I admit I have no new work done on this. lol Just wanted to say that I'm changing the helmet I'm using to my old red helmet. It needs some serious re-working, but I think it'll do.

Tiika Ruslin - Early Crusader Beast Master Mando

Pulled all my soft goods that I still had out of storage from the first version of this outfit. I'm considering redoing the cape in complete leather rather than leather mixed with faux suede fabric (I don't like the underside of the fabric showing and revealing that it's fabric). Got a new belt that I'm going to attempt to dye darker and see how it goes but not holding my breath. Lucked out and found the horns that I needed (same as the last helmet) at Party City for about $8 so I went ahead and got them so I don't have to worry about factoring shipping. Also think I've decided to build a spear first, rather than the standard axe, so I'm using the staff base from the old kit as the spear haft. Need to figure out something for the spearhead itself.

Misc Steampunk

Using one of my old clock gear pins to make my mom a gear pin for Christmas. Probably just going to add a gem to it and call it done since I haven't got much to get fancy with. (The danger of adding feathers it that our cats will then view it as a fun play toy that they must have. lol) The smaller "top" gears on the larger plastic one are actually some sort of locking nut I believe (I have honestly completely blanked on the actual name but you can find them at Ace and other hardware stores).

And the project I'd like to get done before November 12th: a steampunk jet pack for my brother. He's doing a steampunk aviator, but we're so low on funds that getting him a decent jacket has been a serious hunt. We've come very close on a couple at Goodwill, but the size was usually off. And I definitely couldn't afford the $50 for a vintage WWII aviator jacket at Closet Transfer (which is a shame because that would have been damn awesome). Since I wanted him to have something steampunky in his closet though, I decided I was going to whip up a jet pack his pilot could wear when he doesn't have the jacket on. (Admittedly he probably needs more period shoes/shirt/pants, but that can be cheated for a quick throw together convention costume. At least he has the right hat though sadly we're still missing goggles.)
There are some of the things getting used to, hopefully, whip this project up. Two smaller Sprite bottles, one larger two liter bottle, two faucet caps (don't ask why I had those in my prop box 'cause I honestly don't know), some plastic cap I cut off of something, a renuzit air freshener cone (we're using two but one is in the garage), and the grills I cut off of the Grievous mask. Other doodads will probably be added once I have a chance to go through Pere's greebly boxes. We're making the strapping out of some scrap leather, though I'm still not sure if I have any buckles that will work. Going to reinforce the bottles with some expanding foam, too, so we won't have to worry (as much) about them getting crushed.

So, yes. That's a large chunk of what I'm currently working on. Fingers crossed there will be more pics of at least some of it soon. Tonight or tomorrow I'm taking pics for my costume entry to the Rebelscum costume contest (yes, I know I'm kind of pushing it waiting this long), and tomorrow after we help Pere's dad and stepmom move we're taking the Femprotector into Winslow to see what the Downtown Trick or Treat is like and the Harbor Square Halloween Party.

Oct 29, 2011

Well so much for keeping to one post a week lol

Yeah. Sometimes I fail like that. I've been both busy and fighting a horrible bought of depression though, so it's been a struggle to get motivated to do anything. Also, I kept putting off another post until I actually had pictures. Which I do have some of. But because I've got other stuff I need to go do today, this is pretty much just going to be a brief text update, and I'll do a more detailed post with pictures either late tonight or tomorrow.

I should also mention, for those who somehow missed me going on about it on my Facebook, we got a new kitten. He is adorabibble. ^_^ XD We named him Bowie. (Partially after Jim Bowie and partially after David Bowie which is sort of meta given that David Bowie took the last name Bowie from Jim Bowie.)

Got some shoulder armor for my Sith from Goodwill (hell yeah, $1 each ^_^). Found a picture inspiration for the soft goods (though mine will deviate, it's just a nice starting point). My packages from home arrived so I have my lightsabers out here now, too.

Going to wash the old purple paint off my lekku and re-stuff them. Then I want to start figuring out the headband if nothing else. Have my eye on some paints that I want, but, like all the fabric and misc goods for the Jedi, I can't buy until I have the money to spare.

Pere found a Darth Vader Hasbro helmet at Goodwill. He's fixing up the face portion to be accurate and using the helmet part for his custom Sith. I've snagged the chest box to use for my smuggler. May also use the gloves I found for the smuggler rather than the Sith like I've been saying.

Misc. props I've got to work on:
    - Whips for the Beast Master Early Crusader mando. Cut apart my cat o' nine tails and am moving some of those strands into some perfect hilts I found at Goodwill back in TN. Should be a pretty quick prop to make, just need to clear an area where I can use the dremel without getting plastic dust all over everything.
    - Fallout Raider bandoleer. Snagged my brother's NERF ammo belt from home (not the one with the orange holders for darts, the hard case one that came with the Vulcan for feeding the darts in). Going to get rid of the NERF markings and use it for my Fallout costume.
    - Steampunk Jetpack. Doing this up for my brother's steampunk pilot outfit. Still need to find what I'm going to use for the strapping system, which was something I forgot to look for at Goodwill last night. D'oh.
    - Steampunk gear pin. Just something small I'm making for my mom. Already had a gear pin made, but I took the original decoration off after Pere's mom's cat found it and assumed it was a toy for her lol. So I'm doing something different and wrapping it up as a Christmas present.

So, I've got a bit of stuff to work on. And I'm off for now, here's to another blog update soon.