Oct 29, 2011

Well so much for keeping to one post a week lol

Yeah. Sometimes I fail like that. I've been both busy and fighting a horrible bought of depression though, so it's been a struggle to get motivated to do anything. Also, I kept putting off another post until I actually had pictures. Which I do have some of. But because I've got other stuff I need to go do today, this is pretty much just going to be a brief text update, and I'll do a more detailed post with pictures either late tonight or tomorrow.

I should also mention, for those who somehow missed me going on about it on my Facebook, we got a new kitten. He is adorabibble. ^_^ XD We named him Bowie. (Partially after Jim Bowie and partially after David Bowie which is sort of meta given that David Bowie took the last name Bowie from Jim Bowie.)

Got some shoulder armor for my Sith from Goodwill (hell yeah, $1 each ^_^). Found a picture inspiration for the soft goods (though mine will deviate, it's just a nice starting point). My packages from home arrived so I have my lightsabers out here now, too.

Going to wash the old purple paint off my lekku and re-stuff them. Then I want to start figuring out the headband if nothing else. Have my eye on some paints that I want, but, like all the fabric and misc goods for the Jedi, I can't buy until I have the money to spare.

Pere found a Darth Vader Hasbro helmet at Goodwill. He's fixing up the face portion to be accurate and using the helmet part for his custom Sith. I've snagged the chest box to use for my smuggler. May also use the gloves I found for the smuggler rather than the Sith like I've been saying.

Misc. props I've got to work on:
    - Whips for the Beast Master Early Crusader mando. Cut apart my cat o' nine tails and am moving some of those strands into some perfect hilts I found at Goodwill back in TN. Should be a pretty quick prop to make, just need to clear an area where I can use the dremel without getting plastic dust all over everything.
    - Fallout Raider bandoleer. Snagged my brother's NERF ammo belt from home (not the one with the orange holders for darts, the hard case one that came with the Vulcan for feeding the darts in). Going to get rid of the NERF markings and use it for my Fallout costume.
    - Steampunk Jetpack. Doing this up for my brother's steampunk pilot outfit. Still need to find what I'm going to use for the strapping system, which was something I forgot to look for at Goodwill last night. D'oh.
    - Steampunk gear pin. Just something small I'm making for my mom. Already had a gear pin made, but I took the original decoration off after Pere's mom's cat found it and assumed it was a toy for her lol. So I'm doing something different and wrapping it up as a Christmas present.

So, I've got a bit of stuff to work on. And I'm off for now, here's to another blog update soon.

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