Sep 11, 2011

To D*Con and beyond!

Yep, I'm a bad person who has waited this long to update after the convention. *heh* In truth I had been putting it off 'til we were back in WA, but, well. . .I shall explain.

First, look, I have short hair now! :D

Anyway the day we were supposed to leave for D*Con, Pere informed me we'd been bumped from our flight. AND, since Delta apparently has no concept of good customer service, our only choices from them were either tickets for a flight IN TWO WEEKS or a refund. . .which would also take several weeks. It's a good thing I wasn't on the phone; I would have been curious if they'd also have been willing to refund us for all the other things purchased for the trip that could only be used then. Pere opted for the refund which left us with two choices: we buy a ticket for another flight out on late Thursday (which would have cost us $400 more than our original tickets) or we book a flight out on Friday (which cost us $200 more). That all meant that we arrived pretty late to the Merc's dinner, but at least we got to meet Tem Morrison (hey, now I can say I've had dinner with both Boba and Jango).

Anyway, it was a pretty fun con, all the rushing around like chickens with our heads cut off aside. Huge thanks to Atin and MPsy for hanging out with us while we scarfed down some dinner, and it was a blast wandering around with MPsy. After the parade and Merc's group pic Saturday I went with the group to present the Honorary Membership for the Mercs to Tem Morrison. That was also pretty sweet (there are pics and video. . .not sure where the video is but I have some pics on my Facebook page). Spent the Aquarium night in the Sith Scout then spent most of Sunday (armored up for some late night photos) and all Monday in normal clothes because damn those boots killed my feet even with insoles. >_< Need to get some new ones, badly. Broke down and bought an Ultrasabers saber at the con, too, since they had a convention discount (currently it has the short violet blade but I'll be waiting from an email from them for the long blade shipping estimate which I'll be getting in pink. . .deal :P ). So, if you're curious, picture album is here with some pic highlights after the link: DragonCon 2011 pictures

As a brief info, my laptop died the same day we were originally supposed to leave for D*Con. Apparently the motherboard finally fried. :( At least all my old info is safe, but I can't access it until I have something with the right kind of port to plug my harddrive into. Right now I'm using a laptop Pere's dad gave us to work on. So. Yeah. We also had a bit of a miscommunication in who was paying for us to drive back out, so we're just staying here in TN with my parents for another week then flying back out. The nice thing about Southwest though is that they allow you two checked bags for free, so I'm still able to bring back my lekku and my brother's armor to work on. ^-^ (My armor and helmet will still be shipped back out to me, because there is no way I'm risking them breaking in flight.)

Costume wise, I'm really looking forward to upgrading the FemProtector. And losing weight but that's another issue. lol Going to start work on my Sith armor and the twi'lek Jedi soon, hopefully going to finish up my smuggler and get started on a mostly soft goods version of my Early Crusader armor, too (since I don't want to rush all the armor for it I'm just going to make a sort of barbarian-esque soft goods outfit to go with the helmet and axe. . .need a wig for that character, too). Aiming to get all that mess done for C6 and D*Con next year (assuming things work out and we can go to both). Pere is hoping to get our 501st outfits done for Emerald City Con, but I'm not too worried it they aren't.

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