Aug 26, 2011

5 days 'til I leave for D*Con

Sorry to those who do actually regularly read my blog for not updating in some time. These past couple weeks I was first rushing to get the FemProtector to a point where I could submit it to the Mercs (spoiler - it's now my second approved kit) and finishing up the Sith Scout so it could be submitted to The Dark Empire (spoiler - I'm now the 3rd approved SRS). Those are things I was mostly done with a week ago, and more on them later (including two more blog posts dedicated to each separate costume plus a full stomach wrap quasi-tutorial I've been meaning to type up).

This week though I really haven't been visible much online. I've been working as a sub-contractor under Pere's mom to help her get a house packed/cleaned/moved for one of her clients, and the days have been almost 10-12 hours long. Not going to lie, the money is great for such simple work. lol I apparently missed my calling as a day laborer/mover/cleaner. It's sad I've been without that much money for so long I even "splurged" and bought a second $8 bra from Walmart just so I can have two that actually aren't falling apart. Definitely hitting Goodwill before D*Con to get some pants that aren't ripped and dying, too. Yeah. . .I hate being poor. (Not the shopping at Goodwill part; I'd be doing that no matter how much money I had because fuck yeah Goodwill. Just hate that I have to consider things like more than one bra and pants that aren't ripped as "splurges".) Pere and I have also been working to set up a non-profit for a friend of his dad. Said friend owns and runs a chili pepper business that we might also do some minor work for, but because he's busy with that he needs other people to get the non-profit going. The goal of the non-profit is to use kinetic sculptures (look 'em up, they're pretty cool) to, in a nutshell, show kids what you can do with all that stuff you learn and school and that growing up doesn't mean you have to stop having fun. Currently my title is Assistant Communications Director which means I'll bet the one handling the website, meetings/trips to schools, and news releases. Seriously, we have a lot of hopes for this thing, and I think it's going to be awesome. As a serious plus, both Pere and I can do our jobs for the group from anywhere that we have a phone and internet for a laptop which means once it gets going we're hoping to be able to travel around the country to hit different conventions (plus all the sites across the country/world I want to eventually see). It's a lofty goal, but fingers are crossed that it works out for us. :)

Now then, in costuming news. As I said earlier, both my FemProtector and Sith Scout are now official. Sadly my mystery outfit will not be done in time. We're just too wiped out from work and racing to finish costumes (and we still wanted to try to fix some things up differently on the Protector soft goods before D*Con). Even more sadly Pere is definitely not going to have anything for D*Con. :( But at least he has made a lot of progress on his mando, he just didn't want to rush the painting and won't have the time/money to devote to getting and making the soft goods. At some point soon I'll try to get that stomach wrap tutorial up, but I don't think I'll have the posts devoted to each costume up until after the convention since I'm making some changes and will have new pics.