Jan 22, 2013

So I haven't had a WIP post in a while. . .

Sorry about that. I got so busy getting ready for C6 and the trip across country, and I've been alternating between busy or just mentally preoccupied with other stuff since then. (It was a surprisingly busy last couple of months.)

February is looking like it's going to be an interesting month. Not much currently going on event wise, but I've got minion meeting stuff for ECCC, plus potential jury duty on top of having to try to help several other people with costumes before ECCC.

ECCC is at the beginning of March, so I'm working on getting the remake of my modern era Mandalorian Beastmaster finished and official before then. (Set myself the goal of getting some trading cards made with it if I do.) I'm honestly not sure if I'll cart any other costumes over; I'm thinking about maybe wearing the Sith Scout, but it's going to depend on how my weight loss goes I think.

After ECCC I've got until D*Con to hopefully finish up a custom fantasy barbarian and my original series Trek uniform. Otherwise I'll just be there in mando gear again.

Anyway, WIP stuffs.

I started upgrading the original kit a couple of months ago. I love the early crusader version I made, but really I think I dig the modern era one more. Because of my limited budget, I'm trying to make due with using as much as I can out of what I already have. (So far all I've had to buy was some more black paint for the horns and visor trim again as my last bottle is running low.) The chest, shoulder, and knee armor will all be the armor from my Femmeprotector kit. So the helmet is getting repainted with the green that I used on the protector (plus some of the gold/yellow on the cheeks), and I'll be repainting the gauntlets to the gold/yellow of the shoulders and knees. The helmet was a little beat up after being stored for so long (plus I had rushed it), so I first spent a little bit of time filling in old problem areas and doing a better job hiding the dent.
Currently I've got the base metal paint down; I need to get another can of the proper green spray paint and figure out where my weathering toothpaste went. Then I'll start the weathering and final painting process. (Not really looking forward to the reapplications of weathering I'm going to have to do after masking off areas to paint the yellow down then having to paint the black on after that.)
After it's fully painted and weathered I'll be sorting out how I'm going to do the back skirt like the last helmet had. (Visor will be smoked this time around since I don't have any more mirrored tinting.)

Sith Armor
This isn't one I'm necessarily trying to get done this year, as I've got no idea how long the fabric work for it is going to take. (We're talking complete pattern creation at this rate, and Pere has got a lot of other projects I'd rather he worked on.) But, I've been putzing around with the armor pieces just to get them out of my workspace.

The intended color scheme for it has changed from the original design since I decided to just work with paints I have. Right now it looks like the armor and mask will be bronze with ruby (rather than gold with maroon), and I'll probably be leaving the purple paint off and just working the purple into the fabric part. Currently the mask is curing a bit more before I spray down the ruby, then it will just be a matter of installing the strapping to hold it on and the lenses for the eyes. The shoulder armor might need one more pass with the bronze; we'll see tomorrow when I inspect it.
Going to start looking at Joanns for gem options to stick on the shoulders. My sith is fancy. :D

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