Feb 13, 2011

Costume Archives: Kora Solusar, V1 (Purple kit)

My very first costume, not counting the mishmash of stuff I would throw together for ren fairs. Started it sometime around June or July 2008, finished about a week before D*Con. This kit has had several upgrades through the years, and there are still some changes I plan to make for it eventually.

V1 – 2008, D*Con
This version is very much a rush job, I admit. The chest plates are a Cyanide kit, and I didn't realize that I really needed to trim them down. I am proud of the insane amount of shaping my dad did on the backplate though to make it fit me better. This was at the time that unmodded sports gear was still allowed for the Mercs, but I had always intended for those to be temporary anyway.

V1.2 – 2009
By now I'd done some touch ups and modifications to move it closer to what I had originally envisioned. As you can see, I've switched the tattered loin cloth out for a purple loin cloth and kama (I decided to add a kama as I don't really like how my butt looked XD). The shins are new, made from scratch, and I made a new segmented collar plate. All the Cyanide plates have been trimmed down and formed slightly closer to my body. My old gun was switched out for a slightly modded Nerf Recon.

Not instantly noticable, I'd also switched to a two piece undersuit (black collar shirt and black “dress” pants) and switched out my old boots for the ones I have here. I added the scarf and a cape in place of my backplate (which was in the process of being phased out for a segmented idea so I hadn't wanted to put any velcro on for it).

V1.3 – 2010
Disaster struck during this time. As I'd moved out to the West Coast, my mom had shipped me my armor. In transit, one of the chest plates snapped completely in half. So I had to set about remaking the entire set of armor as I also didn't have an airbrush to re-do any painting. There is so much with this particular version that I'm actually not happy with (for one thing, I didn't have the money to make or get a new vest so I had to make all the new armor fit onto the spacing for my old armor). As much as I'd waited for that Commando helmet, too, I'm thinking I'm going to go back to a standard helmet for it. Still not happy with the cape (though I now have the lower back plate on, it's just not visible in any of these pictures).

In addition to completely new and from scratch chest plates, I also added new gauntlets, hand armor, throat armor and a set of Galactic Marine knees from redkraytdragon (which I quite purposely am wearing upside down).

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