Feb 4, 2011

First post and already out of creative titles

Though I may simply be exhausted from the day and mostly unable to do anything thinking beyond "Kora type. Kora type good.". *heh* Anyway, onto the introduction.

Well, I guess the best place to begin is explaining this blog. A lot of people I know are doing them, so I suppose some of it is the sort of "hey, be one of the cool kids!" type thing. But after some careful consideration (ie - an hour or so talking via Facebook status updates and comments) I've decided to try a blog to catalog my costume stuff rather than a freewebs site. Don't get me wrong, I did so love my little free website, but I think I can more effectively achieve my goals via blog format.

Now, don't get me wrong. I make no claims to be some sort of awesome costumer. In fact, there are tons FAR better than I am or could probably ever be. It is, however, a hobby I really love, and I do like trying to help people as best as I can. So to that end my plan for this blog is for it to not only have my own costume related stuff (tutorials, rambles, etc), but I've also got those little nifty links on the side of my blog. Those I'm dumping my collection of cosplay related links into for anybody who may need them. Some collections of links may be posted as blog posts instead, but I'll probably make one of the side links a page with (yet more) links to those blog posts.

And that's all I have time for tonight, folks. Within the next day or so I'll probably have a post up fangasming over the Harry Potter Exhibition here in Seattle. Until then, stay tuned.

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