Feb 4, 2011

In which there is some rambling about the blog and fangasming

First, I realize that I really do need to get on putting all the finishing touches on the blog. The problem is I keep looking at my bookmark menu and having my brain go into fits at the thought of trying to figure out which things might most come in useful to people and what to organize them under. Really, I am trying though. I know I don't even have an "About Me" section up, but I really have a hell of a time trying to write those silly things.

Anyway, onto the fangasming. Yesterday Peregrinus and I went over to Seattle to FINALLY see Tron in 3D Imax at the Pacific Science Center. I splurged and used some of my Christmas money to buy us both science center memberships so we can get discounts on special events/Imax films. I admit, I wasn't really thinking about it, but Pere went ahead and got tickets for the Harry Potter Exhibition while we were there. And Oh. My. God. am I glad he did.

The costumes. Oh they were marvelous.  I'm only annoyed that Warner Brothers won't allow anybody to take pictures. *sad face* Having worked on costumes for my college theater, and having seen costumes from other movies, I know that a lot of short cuts are usually taken. Sometimes for monetary reasons, sometimes to save time. But these. . .oh they were beautifully finished and detailed. I so badly wish I could have taken some pictures, just to share. The detailing of the props was also astounding (I never knew how much was on Snape's wand until I was standing there staring at it). I am disappointed that the gift shop didn't really have anything specific to the exhibit beyond the exhibit guide book (I mean, look guys, I just went through the exhibit, I'm not going to pay you $17 for a book telling me only partially what I looked at).

Tron was also astounding, though I have no idea how I'm going to be able to deal with watching it in 2D now that I've seen it in Imax with the 3D. I'm also taking bets on how many Tron costumes are going to be at D*Con this year. (Don't get me wrong, if I had the body for one I would do it in a heartbeat. . .assuming I also had the funds to do one.) I'm pretty sure the club scene was probably my favorite though, if only because of Daft Punk.

For now, however, I am off to try to organize my costuming stuff as best I can in the space I have at the moment. I've spent the last couple days getting the paint apps off of some Hasbro Clone Trooper helmets, a Boba helmet, and the face shield portion of an Iron Man helmet and now I need to figure out what else I have around that I can work on without needing warmer temperatures.

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