Feb 27, 2011

Early post today

I really can't sleep, and I'm not entirely sure that I want to start Morrowind up because that will probably keep me awake for far longer than I should be. (I should actually at least get up and turn off the over head light so Pere can sleep, but then again that does require moving. *chuckle*)

Alright, so I was a nice person and not only got up and turned off the light but also moved the light table off the bed so it wasn't in his way anymore.

Anyway, just a couple of small updates for this week (though today is very young yet).

My costumes: not much really. Did FINALLY manage to find a replacement belt for Kora's V1.2 kit at Goodwill yesterday night. Originally it used a police belt, but I switched to a thinner belt when I added the girth. However, that belt broke the week before the NWC clan picnic, so the belt I'm wearing in those pictures is a POS I made just so I'd have something to have my pouches on. Nothing else physically created other than a re-do of my Steampunk mando's color concept, and I started to sketch out the armor design for the winter kit when I decided that the form I have just doesn't work for that type of armor. So I need to find another more neutral pose to work on the color concept for that kit.

Misc. costumes: got two different color concepts done for my brother to look at and pick one of. His old armor is still back out in TN, but I should be getting his helmet at least in the next month or so. At the very least I can get one thing painted for him. Whenever Pere can afford to get the fabric for his vest, we're using some of the extra from that to make my brother's so really a lot of his stuff is in limbo until summer I think.

 Also, while we were over in Seattle on Wednesday, Pere found another Clone Trooper helmet at a Goodwill we were checking out. Sooo guess who needs to get some more nail polish remover and cotton balls? *chuckle* Seriously though, there's probably enough of them by now that we can sell a couple after they've been modded to, well, beyond 501st standards really. Pere's a little obsessive like that, but at least it means the end product is so very worth it.

I'm not entirely sure what will really get done this coming week. I have some real life items I need to buy, and with gas prices I can only afford to go out once more with the whole quarter of a tank I have left (yeah, and that's after putting $20 in this morning which didn't even get me half a tank). Ergo, I have very little money to do anything with this month unless some of the stuff I'm trying to sell moves on to new owners. And because there is very little money, I don't know that there will be any updates for a while. I'm sure I may end up rambling at you again next weekend, but I can't promise it will have much of consequence in it. Kind of like this post really. lol

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