Feb 13, 2011

Costume Archives: Kora Solusar, V2 (Red kit) RETIRED

This was pretty much a one time kit that I had intended to use more. The truth is simply that I have so many other mando kits I want to make that I opted to retire this kit after its first use. Currently all the plates are dismantled, and the helmet is possible going to be used for one of my brother's kits.

This kit was made and worn in 2009, debuting at AdventureCon. It was my first scratchbuilt kit, and I'm still quite proud of a lot of it. Between the test shots at my house and the actual convention, I changed the gauntlets, and if I had kept it, I was going to construct new shins and knees for it. This kit was also my first time using a two piece undersuit, and it pretty much convinced me that I can't go back to a one piece. ^-^ Helmet is still a Rubies 2 piece Jango with an airsoft mask front added as a rebreather with a rangefinder top and phone antenna as a long range comm unit on the back.

Kama and loincloth were made from a leather skirt I found at Goodwill (these became the kama and loincloth you can see on my V1.3 kit). Girthbelt was two men's Merona brand belts shortened, whipstitched together, and dyed. Cape was some micro-suede material from Joann's.

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