Apr 25, 2011

Weird dreams and slow progress

First and foremost, in case anybody who reads my blog hasn't already been bludgeoned over the head with it, my costume fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kora/196652593704457   I know I'm nowhere near good or awesome enough to have a huge following; I admit I made it more of in the hopes of one day being at least good enough to serve as inspiration to others. (Also, I have a Question up there that I would like opinions on. *chuckle*)

I realize I didn't do a weekly thing on Sunday like I usually do. It was mostly because I haven't really done much lately that I considered it worth making a post about, but then I found myself thinking that if I don't at least TRY to keep myself on a schedule that I'll eventually fall behind. So, a more meandering post than usual. My random commentary first, followed by the short list of stuff that's actually been done this week.

I had one of those dreams this morning that was both awesome and frustrating. Because I know it will NEVER be real, and I so hated having to wake up from it. There was some sort of Star Wars quasi-convention going on. Only it wasn't just a convention, they had all these massive sets from the movies there (which were probably more massive and realistic in my dream than they were in real life lol), and all the actors were walking around in their costumes only they were the ages they were when the movies were out. Apparently they were using the convention to re-shoot some of the scenes from the classic trilogy only they were using con goers as extras. I remember watching, fascinated, as some people tried out swinging across the chasm in the Death Star like Luke and Leia. For some reason Ewan McGregor was hanging out on that set reading a newspaper. . . .I don't get that part either. I stepped out of that set into the hall of the Tantive IV with Darth Vader and Stormtroopers marching down it, side stepped out of their way into the hanger on Hoth that all the rebel ships were in. I bumped into Harrison Ford in his Hoth gear while I was spazzing out about the fact that they had animatronic taun tauns that they were going to use for the battle scene. (I don't know why my brain decided to add a taun taun cavalry charge to the Hoth battle, but it did.) Somehow I lucked out in the lottery to see which extra you would be and had to go get geared up in Hoth rebel trooper gear as I was going to be one of the ones who got to ride the taun tauns. (I remember the guy telling me I was Hoth Trooper #321, Taun Taun Patrol and going all nerdy fangasm about that.) The rest of the dream was me back over in the Hoth staging area with about 15 others who had the same job as me while we rode around on the animatronic taun tauns, lined up to have our pictures taken with our "mounts," and woke up shortly after I was supposed to be heading to a hotel room to sleep for the night and come back in the morning to actually do the scene.

My brain is a strange, strange place sometimes.

As far as actual costume work, well, it's a short list. Past couple of weeks have mostly been spent with Pere and I trying to deal with real life stuff. The upside of which is that we FINALLY have space to work in without worrying about interruptions again. It may still be a bit before I have full on massive updates like I usually do when working though since we're going to be spending some time cleaning out the garage and moving stuff around to make it organized better. Plus I need to get some more supplies for the stuff I have, and I'm not sure when I'll feel like splurging on epoxy putty (how sad is it when that's a splurge?).

But, I have got the gears arranged and glued into place for the back of the steampunk mando helmet.

To give an idea of where it's going:

And, um. . .. I cleaned some more paint off Pere's latest clone helmet to convert. . . and. . .ok, yeah, I wasn't lying when I said it was a short list. lol Hopefully I'll have some more for you guys in the weeks to come.

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