Apr 1, 2011

Minor tweeking and mostly finished prop pistol

Giving the new name for the blog a try. Came about while Pere and I were driving back from Walmart reeaally early this morning, and I, commenting on my lack of costume stuff to work on at night, pointed out that I couldn't really do anything other than spraypaint in the mist which wouldn't really work. And I just sort of thought that was at least a slightly more amusing name than the old one. May change it again, I'm not completely sold on this one, but there you have it.

Since Joann's has their Simplicity patterns on sale for 99 cents from Thurs. - Sun. I used up the last of my gift card to snag some. Sadly, they did not have the one I really want (2172, I'd love to mod that over coat), but I hope to find uses for the ones I did get. Two were really more for everyday clothes for me, though I can use them for costume stuff, too. The other two are just ones I've been looking at for a while.

I've also spent this week sort of frantically putting together a new pistol for Kora to use. I say sort of frantically because I didn't want to take my CK clan pictures without it, and I've had to work around lack of ability to use the garage and rain. Originally this started as one of those dinky little Hasbro Cad Bane blasters. The night before, while rearranging my hard greebly box looking for stuff for my brother's gauntlets, I realized I had the barrel from some cheapo blaster I got at Goodwill ages ago. This equaled much excitement because I'd been putting off getting the Cad Bane blaster only because I thought it was too short for an adult to use. 
 All it took was: sanding off the labels, gluing the slide in place, sanding off the back part of the barrel and gluing it to the body of the gun, sanding off the dart holders on the grip then covering that with plastic, then epoxying the screw holes and around the rim of plastic cover on the grip bottom.
Then came the "fun" part. Painting. This would normally not be an issue except I couldn't exactly paint in the rain, and I can't use the garage at the moment. I happened to notice that there's a spot on Pere's porch which doesn't get hit by rain though. So I whipped together a box to prevent over spray and got the spray painting done.
Used up the last of my self etching primer, but it was for a good cause. Got the Krylon Satin Black on and dry brushed on the Tamiya gun metal. This is where it stands now:
It's good enough for pictures, but Pere is still going to put styrene strips down on the "ribbed" part just behind the barrel that I'll need to paint once he's done. Then a clear coat, and it's 100% good to go.

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