Apr 10, 2011

Lots of little things done (including new color concepts)

Nothing huge has been done this week, well, nothing I consider huge anyway. I did finally manage to get suited up and take some basic pictures to show the emergency changes to Kora's purple outfit. Not going to post those mostly because they're just rather blah "look everything is in place" kind of pictures, not the dynamic outdoor stuff I wanted to do. (Also, guess what I found just the other night cleaning out my laptop bag. . .yeah, that stupid fiddly plate I had to remake. *sigh* How it got into my computer bag I will never know.)

Haven't started on the new vest for Kora yet. Fingers crossed we get around to it tonight. Pere's got to draft the pattern for me as that's one area I'm rather very bad at. Once I get the pattern though he's donating his Arc trooper kama fabric to the cause so we can make it out of that since it's going to be so long until that costume of his is done anyway. Another hopeful side effect of drafting up a new vest for me is that I can use the top portion of it for my corset vest stuff I'm trying to figure out (it is, for the record, nowhere near fun trying to figure out how I can have a vest wherein the below bust portion fastens in the front and the bust and up portion fastens in the back 0_o ).

The steampunk mando has also been put on hold indefinitely. I'm using Chesty (the mannequin chest) to make Kora some new chest plates, rather than us keep waiting until we can get around to fiberglassing a body cast. So that means I have nothing for the steampunk outfits armor beyond the cod plate and helmet anymore. The helmet, however, I am going to fix up, so even if the rest of the costume never gets done I'll have a nice display piece. *chuckle* Debated the color arrangement for some time, but I think I'll be going with this top right version:

A little bit more fiddly work has been done on the new helmet for Tiika, the early crusader beast master kit. Trimmed down the sintra, drilled the pilot holes for the small horns, and started adding the epoxy putty to it. Need more epoxy putty to finish smoothing out stuff and building the horns, plus need glassing stuff to fiberglass the sintra and reinforce it. I'm thinking I'm going to attempt doing something similar to how people do the body forms then glass them for the big horns. Pictures following, though nothing really astounding yet (the red dots sort of show the small horn arrangement):

And in the "because I was bored" category, made a color concept for my eventual femprotector kit. Looking forward to making that one whenever I have the money. (Feel free to laugh at the helmet/neck area. . .I had to downsize the helmet image then splice the two images together so it looks a bit silly.) The cheeks won't be so minty green, and the shoulders/knees are supposed to be a goldenrod yellow not that almost orange shade. Silly scanner changing the colors on me.

Got the two buttons fixed into one of my brother's gauntlets. Maybe I've said that in a previous post? I can't remember. I was going to get the blaster barrel fixed onto the other gauntlet, but it appears to have gone missing for the moment. >_< Still debating other greeblies to add to his gauntlets, plus I need to figure out what size hose I'll have to get to attach to the back of the barrel.

That's about it for this week, I suppose. Hopefully next weekend I'll have some more progress worth showing. 

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