Mar 6, 2011


Ah. Con weekend. As one of my previous entries said, I was unable to attend ECCC. Let me tell you, I'm really not sure there are words to express my level of frustration about that. However, because it meant the garage was finally free for a bit, I did manage to get some work done.

Did some minor sanding and fill work on my NERF conversion to a sniper rifle for my mando. Very minor sanding sadly as I don't have my dremel up here yet, so I have to use Pere's. Which has a battery that is barely holding a charge anymore. Hrmph. Hopefully I'll have mine within a month or so though, because there's a lot of sanding work on that gun (and the one being converted to my rocket launcher) that I definitely need a working, high powered dremel to go at. Anyway, sanding and some small filling here and there with the epoxy putty. Once I have the majority of my paints again, I can actually see where else needs to be filled still.

Cut another cardboard faceplate for my early crusader mando helmet. The old one was getting warped and squished and wasn't really long enough. So I'm going to measure and secure it to the helmet sometime soon I hope. I would really like to actually get to work on these things I've had to do since the fall that I should have already had done. Which is the same category my pilot helmet falls under. That one I may need to go back over the seam with some more plastic metal. I think I started messing with it before I should have. Oops. But really all it needs is that seam taken care of, then I can paint it and put the ear caps back on, and it'll be done.

And finally I managed to get the Jango 2 piece I'm using for the steampunk helmet put together. I know, astonishing right? I actually made some progress on that damn kit. The range finder is painted. . .though I started looking at it and in retrospect realized it wasn't the entire thing I needed to paint before installing it, just the bottom part of the stalk so it wouldn't look funny once the entire helmet had to be painted. (That's the problem with 2 pieces. You can't really install the rangefinder after putting the helmet together and painting it unless you don't want your earcaps to be flush as that usually requires some sort of bondo work.)

Hrm. Random aside, I seem to have found yet another issue with my laptop. The little music controls at the top of the keyboard don't seem to want to work anymore. Well, that makes it a little more annoying to listen to music and type but whatever.

Anyway, just need to get the earcaps on and do some more sanding and it should be good to paint. I quite look forward to that. I miss having stuff to work on. Hell, I miss being ABLE to work on stuff. Costuming has been something I've poured so much of myself into for the past several years that. . .yeah. . It's rather painful to feel like you've had it all taken away from you.

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