Mar 19, 2011

Event Report: Star Wars Exhibit: Member Preview Day

I can honestly say I don't know the last time I was as happy with a purchase as I have been with my PacSci membership. Friday was the Preview Day for the Star Wars exhibit (which I plan on trooping in April and perhaps May). Though short, I did enjoy the exhibit (though perhaps not as much as the Harry Potter one which had AWESOME presentation), and it was entertaining to go through with Pere and listen to him point out which costumes they had labeled wrong. XD Yes, I am simple minded at times. A lot of times lately as it's what keeps me sane.  Since I had well over 100 pictures, only some of them will be actually in this post. I'll put a link to the photo album itself at the end of the post (and I apologize in advance for the glare on some of the pictures, the lighting was not good for taking pictures through glass).

We had the 1:15 time slot entrance (I had mistakenly been saying 1:30 previously so it's a good thing I double checked). We stayed in there for, oh, probably an hour? I admit, we pretty much ignored the real world analogies stuff they had up; I'm not a kid, I know most of it already. As this was the first time I've gotten to see any of that stuff up close (costumes/props/models) it was a pretty interesting experience for me. I'm always amused by how certain costumes look on screen vs in person (really, I was a little 0_0 at the fact that they used fleece for the stormtroopers and at how simply made some of the belts were, things like that).

Because I'm very much still a giddy little kid at heart, I have to include a brief blurb about the gift shop. First, really guys? Really? You're going to charge $20 for action figures that I can find at Walmart for 8? Yeeaaah. There were some reasonably priced things (posters, framed film cells, mugs, coasters, etc), but most of it was the usual way over-priced gift shop fare. As with the Harry Potter exhibit, I was disappointed that they had absolutely nothing special for the exhibit itself. Seriously guys, I can buy all this other stuff in stores or online; is it too much to ask for just something as simple as a key chain for the exhibit itself? Walked away with the set of wooden coasters you can find online. With shipping figured into buying them online, the price came out about the same so I didn't feel too bad. Several other things I badly wish I had an income so I could justify (like some of the film cells, another set of coasters to act as a display set, some of the posters, the Vader t-shirt and. ..yeah).

After we finished up there, we headed back to the butterfly house, which is really not relevant to any of my nerdery/costume stuff, but it's what came next in the flow of things. We didn't take long in there; I'm not ashamed to admit that Pere handles humidity far better than I, somebody born and raised in the south, does. It served as an excellent reminder of one of the reasons I left. lol Got in line for the Millennium Falcon Experience about 3:10 or so. And from there we waited. . .for about an hour. Yes, it's only a short little 5 minute video, but they can only fit four people in at a time as you're supposed to be seated in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. I'm wondering if, when I troop the event, if I've got a ticket purchased for the "ride" if they'll let me have a quick picture snapped while I'm sitting in the cockpit in armor. I'm also enough of a nerd that when it made the hyperdrive failure sound I, from my position in the pilot's seat, blurted out "They told me they fixed it!" It got a chuckle at least. :)

Now to stop my rambling for the time being and give you the pictures:

And the rest of the images can be found here: PacSci Star Wars Member Preview Day

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