Mar 14, 2011

Running a little behind today

Well, I think I am anyway. I feel like I should have this sort of thing posted before it gets close to midnight as that rather defeats the whole "post on Sundays!" thing. (Which I admit I'm not strictly following anyway; I just haven't had anything exciting enough during the week to post about.)

This week was more frustrations than anything with my stuff. The rangefinder earcap on the steampunk mando helmet has been giving me no end of problems. Got the cable glued in, only to find out the stupid thing is a tad bit too deep, so I've got to dremel part of it down to keep the earcap at least partially flush. Couldn't clamp it for gluing, the clamps kept making it slide out of position. So I put some epoxy putty ridges down to give it something to butt up against, only now I've got to sand part of the epoxy putty down as I forgot about some of the raised parts on the inside of the earcap that are now hitting the putty near the earcap. Oy.

Got some minor pattern work done for Pere. Just the pouches for his flight suit's pants and the Imp Officer hat. We were supposed to move on to getting the patterns done for his flight suit pants, IO pants, and my steampunk mando pants, but that hasn't happened yet (things keep coming up that require more immediate attention).

I may have some gauntlets I can afford for my brother's mando kit soon here. Fingers crossed about that. The rest of his armor will be easy to knock out a new set of, but I had no idea what to do for his gauntlets. Hoping these pan out.

It'll probably be another pretty slow week. I'm waiting to hear back from Lowes to see if I'm going to get a third interview this week or not (also, fingers crossed about that. . .my dad, who works for Lowes back home, says that usually means you're hired). It won't be a lot of money, and over half of any money I got would be going to bills, but all I need right now is enough to save up for a plane ticket for Dragon*Con. And maybe a spare bit to pick up the occasional costume bit or toy to fill out my collection. (I'm trying not to have a break down thinking about all the video games I need to at least rent in order to catch up. >_<)

Friday is the Star Wars Exhibition at PacSci. Pere and I have passes for the 1:30 entrance (member's only preview day). We'll be missing the Mercs and the 501st, but I wanted to have enough time to see the butterfly house before the museum closed so *shrug*. I'm kind of hopeful that, since I have to go retrieve at least a good portion of my stuff this month, I'll actually have my costume up here to do at least one of the trooping days for that in April.

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