Mar 17, 2012

Food Time: Crab Nachos

These are pretty tasty and cheap for those of us who sometimes get seafood cravings but can't afford a lot. ($2 a can for crab meat from Walmart if you buy their brand, so, yeah, just because it's seafood doesn't mean you need to spend a lot on it.)

Normally my family uses a Mexican cheese blend or a queso cheese on the nachos, but I opted to try Italian cheese blend on my latest ones. It also works really well.

Oven - 400

1 can crab meat
Sour cream (I like using Darigold's Mexican style sour cream)
Tortilla chips (I usually opt for a big bag of On of the Border chips since they last me for lots of meals)
1 bag shredded cheese (I suggest either a non-spicy Mexican blend, a simple queso, or an Italian blend)

- Arrange chips on baking trays; I highly recommend putting down parchment paper under the chips since it will help cut down clean up time. Trying to clean potentially burned cheese off the baking tray is not so fun.
- Put about half a spoonful of sour cream on each chip, spreading the dollop out a little.
- Place small amount of crab on top of the sour cream (how much is up to you, I usually put just enough to cover the sour cream but not much more)
- Sprinkle cheese over chips
- Bake for roughly 5 minutes. I tend to keep an eye on them and just remove them when the cheese is melted on the chips themselves.


  1. These look fantastic. :) I must try!

    1. These also are pretty decent with tuna, something I forgot to mention in the recipe. (Michael and I tried it once when tuna was about all we had in the apartment and didn't want to run out and try to find the crab. XD)