Feb 21, 2012

Random life related mutterings

I didn't really want to clog up my costume progress post with this stuff, so it gets it's own post. (Although I was almost tempted to wait a couple of days before posting just so that way I wouldn't be doing a flood of posts all on one day. XD)

So, I finally had my interview for the D20 Girls and got my contract in. I am, however, rather scrambling to figure out what outfits to use since I had intended to have my cherry print halter dress made by now but had to put it off due to the usual issue, money. I've got plenty of everyday/casual wear, and I might be able to scrounge up something business and costume (I say might for costume only because I'm really not sure which costume I want to use) but I am at a complete loss for "eyecandy." And I really want an eyecandy outfit dammit. So I've been trying and trying to find something to use that is also within my budget but to no avail. I definitely want to get the pics done soon, even if my hair will by stupid for them since I'm not getting it cut again until closer to ECCC.

Which brings me to ECCC. I am pretty psyched about it since Adam Baldwin hasn't cancelled yet lol (anybody who has ever hoped to meet him at D*Con, like me, will get it). I just need his to finish my collection of the major 3 autographs I want from Firefly actors (already have Nathan's and Alan's). I may stop at Wil Wheaton's table again in armor since I know Pere has some more stuff he wants to get Wil to sign. Also, there's a super special awesome thing happening that is planned to happen there that I can't talk about yet other than to say there's a super special awesome thing. Trust me, I will be talking about it later lol. Pere and I went ahead and got a hotel room at the Red Lion since he'll have some more money from some jobs with his dad by then, and it saves us having to go back and forth on the ferry with our costumes every single day. We're also both working as official volunteers for the convention, so that should be fun or interesting at least.

After ECCC we're going back home for a week to visit my parents and go up to St. Louis with them to see the Star Trek Exhibition at the science center (also, I miss the zoo and art museum there so we're definitely visiting those). The break will be a much welcome moment for my brain to destress some like it did while I was there after D*Con.

Things will settle back into a more normal pattern after that with us working where/when we can, organizing donations for the non-profit, and generally killing time until Celebration 6. We keep hoping we'll have some sort of paycheck from the non-profit by then, but nobody really knows. Right now we're waiting on the IRS to give us a tax ID number so we can actually start collection donations. The Board of Directors still has to be sorted completely out, because, while some of us have been placed there are more people needed for other spots. At least the business plan is finished lol. At some point during the summer we hope to be moving back into the carriage house since, in theory, the people there now are moving out. So we should be able to get my stuff out of storage and be able to have people over to visit (in small numbers since it's more like a small one bedroom apartment only with no additional parking space so maybe one additional car can fit here otherwise we have to pick people up ourselves). I'm kind of looking forward to that since I really miss having my stuff not in storage, and frankly really hate having my parent's have to pay for that on top of everything else. (I always sort of have a mini panic attack whenever I go that I'm going to open the storage unit to find all my stuff gone.)

I guess that's most of the "real life" stuff for now. Most days are the same old same old. lol I hope, after ECCC and the April trip, that I'm able to get more costuming stuff out of the way.

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