Feb 21, 2012

Costume progress!

I swear I really have been doing costume work. I've also been really bad and kept lacking the motivation to update here, in large part because I haven't gotten as much work done as I really feel like I should have. Though scrolling back through my old posts I realize that I was a LOT further behind in updating here than I thought. My bad guys.

So, for the Early Crusader Beast Master. The large horns have been attached to the helmet, and I'm looking at some different ideas for the smaller horns and bone ridges (because I suck at sculpting). It is more progressed than the picture I have because I was trying to hold off on another picture until I had at least started the bone ridges and small horns.
I've gotten a new patchwork kama done for this one, which involved a small addition to the old kama half plus the new longer kama half. (A loin cloth has also been finished and all I need to do is attach the velcro so I can pull it all on and off as one unit.) It still need some weathering, but is assembled other than that. The new capelet I have no pictures of since I'm trying out the idea of having a fur collar on it but haven't gotten out to Joanns yet to buy the faux fur I need (also, holy crap it's $15 a yard so I need to really figure out just how small of an amount I can get away with).
I've gotten some of the misc. decorative baubles partially finished. The beads are going on more feather/bead danglies either for the belt or for the spear, but I need more shell/bone/wood beads to finish assembling them. I repainted an old resin claw since I'm looking at making that part of some sort of collar decoration. The beads and the claw have all been repainted with nail polish, a trick I learned from some over on the Twi'lek Celebration forums because it's not even remotely something I would have thought to do myself. (The round beads were painted with a deep metallic blue; the long beads were split between a mother of pearl and an opalescent purple/pink; the claw with black though the picture is before it was completely painted.)
I've spent a lot of time searching for boots for this version of the costume. The original version used black suede wedge heeled boots, which a lot of people apparently never noticed were wedge heeled until somebody asked about it. lol So, because I like the bit of extra height it gives me, I was trying to find some brown wedge heels that would work for this version (since I'm not doing the black undersuit like the original had). What I found instead, were these awesome boots at Goodwill:
Yeah, those are pretty much some internal wedge heeled leather boots. They are awesome. I seam ripped about in inch down the back of the calf of the boots so I could actually pull them all the way up (plus have them on over pants) so that part will be hidden with some armor on the back of the leg in addition to the shin armor. Because I didn't want white boots with the costume (especially not white boost with a random red stain on them) I looked into dying vs painting them and was talking into painting them by the guy I spoke with at MacPherson Leather. I have to say, I love this Angelus leather paint. The boots look 10 times better now, and I haven't even gotten around to the whole "armoring them up" part yet. :D

So, that's most of what I've been working on for costumes lately. I've made some half hearted attempts at starting the work on Kora's revamp, but a lot of my costume work is getting put on hold until after ECCC since I'll need to see how much money I'll have left that I can justify spending on costume parts. I've also been working on some scrap fabric card/dice/whatever bags that I'm now selling and have some more ideas for things to sell soon here. More bags will be up in a week or so once I get some more trim and ribbon from Joanns. Stuff for sale is currently only listed on my Bonanza page since I don't have the money to spare for an Etsy store anymore: http://www.bonanza.com/booths/Barghest1031

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