Jul 18, 2011

Wow. Go me for failing lol

So it's been over a week since I remembered to post. 0_0 Oops. My bad. Been sort of scatter brained lately, partially worrying about money, partially focusing on finishing stuff, and partially really trying not to get my hopes up about a very nice possible job opportunity. So fingers crossed for me on that at least?

Fourth of July was fun. I got a pretty bad sun burn though since, silly me, I didn't think to put any sunblock on my face. I'm used to spending my Fourths in a park with trees and shade, not standing for a good thirty minutes or so in the middle of the sun to watch the parade. XD But it's mostly healed up by now, and I don't feel so incredibly sick anymore. It was pretty cool watching the fireworks from across the sound at Fay Bainbridge park. We could see fireworks going off all up and down the coast which is a pretty impressive thing to see. Haven't really had a whole lot of stuff besides that going on in real life though we went over to Seattle on a whim a couple of days ago since I had a bit of spare money, so walking around there is always fun. Plus, exercise. That is always good. *chuckle*

But on to the costume stuff, which I expect most people are here for anyway.

Pretty much all of the armor work on the FemProtector is finished. I've still got to assemble and paint the knees, but I'm waiting on Pere to get the forming blocks finished so we can properly form the Fett style knees (I admit I'm impatient enough that I'm almost tempted to see how well I can form knees off of my own knees but I don't want to waste any of the sintra lol). Helmet still needs the visor installed, but I'm being lazy and haven't yet. So, behold all the armor minus the knees:

So, there's all that. ^-^ I've also slowly begun the process of working on my soft goods. The vest is unfortunately going to have to wait for Pere to sit down and draft the pattern for me. I'm a horrible tailor and couldn't tune something to fit me remotely as well as he can. So he gets to do all that fun work. XD Probably also going to have him do the pattern for my kama since, while I could manage the main body of it, there's a wibbly bit that I need to curve back then forward again. And I don't think I could manage to have it come out right without him doing up the pattern for it. I have, however, started work on my stomach wraps. Perhaps faux wraps is really a better term but whatever. Found a cheapo quasi-corset shirt/top/bustier thing at Goodwill that I've modified to work as the base for the wraps. I've gotten one side of the blue wrap fabric sewn on, and I even had the top stitched down. . . until I realized I'd made a stupid mistake and needed to iron the pleats for the wrap look in first as I'm having to gather the blue fabric to accommodate the corset base stretching when it's put on (damn you stretchy fabrics!) and the fabric just would not lay in the correct pleats that way. *sigh* So I had to seam rip about an hours worth of sewing. It's not seam ripping that I hate; it's having to sew everything back afterward. Hoping in another couple days I'll be able to set the ironing board back up and get that mess sorted though so I can finish up the stomach wrap.

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