Jul 3, 2011

Random stuff + costume progress

I'll get the costume progress stuff out of the way first since I've honestly know idea how many people who read this blog actually care that much about the non-costume stuff. ('Course I don't really know how many care about even that sooo *chuckle*.) No pics of my progress this week, in large part because I just wasn't thinking and haven't taken any yet. Helmet has the first two coats of the green on it, though I'm going to need to put on at least two, maybe three more. Boob plates and chest diamond are finished. Need to get yet another can of green paint so I can finish up the helmet and paint the collar plates. The gauntlets have the base silver coat on them; I decided to go ahead and paint them the same blue as the visor trim, in large part because I'm going to need all of the next green can I get to finish up the helmet and collar plates. Pere's getting the knee forming block put together so we can make the Fett knees, which are the only hard parts left for the kit that I need to make. Pere's been focusing on his hard parts so we haven't made any headway on soft goods currently, although I'm hoping we start those soon.

Now then, for the random stuff. Not really nerd related, per say, just stuff I felt like talking about because, well, it's my life and it's not common that I get to do fun things lately so there :P ;)

Saturday was the annual rummage sale here on the island. We ended up parking a little over 1/4 a mile away and just walking there since I HATE parallel parking with a passion (and, truthfully, even if I had parallel parked somewhere, it probably would not have been that much closer lol). On the bright side, yay exercise plus we found a yellow raspberry bush on the walk over. ^-^ The sale itself was/is huge. They use one of the elementary schools here to hold it in. Furniture and some camping/sporting things are all out in one of the parking lots; cars (yes, cars) and hardware/automotive is in the other. I'm pretty sure it was the gym that held the books/toys/office supplies, and the bulk clothes/accessories were all outside under a shelter built off of the gym portion (yeah, that's a crappy description but I really can't think of any other way to describe it). Found one of the Dresden File books I needed and tossed that in with Pere's bags of books. Also found a pretty copper pendant of some sort ($2), a blue wool and mohair scarf ($1), a new mouse for my laptop ($5), and a pretty little purse made in Ecuador ($1). I was quite happy with my things, though I seriously wish we'd had more time to dig through all the clothes (we got there about 11:40 and didn't make it to the clothes section until about 1:30. . .the sale ends pretty much exactly at 2).

Afterward we were going to head out to Silverdale to run some errands, but we were hungry so we decided on trying a pizza place up in Suquamish. For the record, Bella Luna is awesome. Really. We got the Full Moon pizza, which is chicken, ricotta, and mushrooms on a roasted garlic base. <3 It's one of those places that reminds me why I love it out here so much. And even if my ass becomes even more broke, creditors start hunting for me, and all that jazz. . .I still don't think I could move. It was so incredibly nice to be able to sit somewhere, nom some delicious pizza and watch sailboats and cruise ships out in the Puget Sound. It was a really clear day, too, so we could see the Cascades in the distance in one direction and Mt. Rainier in the distance in the other. After lunch we walked on the beach area there for a bit. I found a couple more shells, some granite pebbles, and Pere found two pieces of beach glass for me. I don't have pics of the stuff I found yet (one of those things I need to remember to do), but it was fun. Fourth of July "fair" is tomorrow, so looking forward to that. ^-^ In the mean time, enjoy the pictures from Suquamish.

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