May 31, 2011

Work work work

So, this past week I have made some more decent progress. Spring is a problematic time for me though; on one hand, it's now getting nice enough out that I can paint stuff. But on the other hand it's getting nice enough out that I want to go for walks and hikes and put off costume stuff for another day. XD I suppose as I'm also aiming to lose at least 10 (though preferably 15-20) pounds by D*Con, I suppose I can argue that going hiking is sort of working toward costume goals. <_< >_>

Well then, on to what I've accomplished. Shoulder bells, collar, and backplate are all painted silver. Though the backplate still needs a bit of filling and sanding work on a spot I thought was taken care of (way back when when my dad and I were first forming it the heat gun's nozzle tapped it and left an imprint I'd hoped my past sanding had taken care of).

Lots of fiddly work done for the helmet. Sanding, plus working out the greeblies for the earcaps and the piece I'm putting over the keyslots (which is sort of similar to what I did for my red helmet, only not the comm unit look as I've got the antenna on the ear cap now in place of a range finder). I'd live to be able to move on to painting it within the next couple of weeks, but it's probably going to depend on what money I can spare (ie- if anything else of mine sells soon) since I need some more epoxy putty.

Some work done on Chesty. Not a lot, I'll admit because I've been cringing when I think about it. The plastic takes forever to heat up to form, and I've just not been looking forward to forming it as best I can then either having to make extensions or a second set of plates to go above the chest and below the collar. Urg. >_< Smoothing the join will not be fun if I do an extension. So I'm kind of eying just making a second set of plates. Got the nipples mostly smoothed out; just waiting on the current layer of glazing putty to dry so I can sand it smooth. From there it's cutting them apart and into the shape of the plates.

Got a coupon from Joann's for 50% off one thing of fabric, so I'm planning on getting at least enough for my vest in a couple of days. (Haven't planned out how much we'll need to make my kama, and I know I'll get other coupons so *shrug* may as well just get the vest material.)

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