May 23, 2011

Brief post tonightO

Not so much because I've accomplished nothing though and more because at the time that I'm typing this my blood sugar has dropped enough to make me queasy and light headed and I'm tired on top of that. Pere is making some tuna salad sandwich melts which will hopefully help with the blood sugar going all wargorble on me, but I'll still sadly be tired.

So, in brief, made some pretty good progress this week. Lots of pattern work done on my mystery costume (which is pretty much all Pere since I've no clue how to tailor patterns; I just transfer them once he's done making the pattern). Also happy I won't have to (strenuously) look for boots since the ones I have now will work just fine until my budget allows me to purchase the kind it really needs. More pieces of it will be arriving this week, so yay. :)

As for the Protector kit, I've dyed and weathered the cape up. It's subtle weathering in pics, but it's at just the right level for what I'm going for (ie- less than my red kit had lol). Also, I'm very very happy with the shade of green the dye turned it. ^-^

I've trimmed my red kit's shoulder bells down substantially to use as the new ones. And I've prepped my old very first collar plate and back plate to be painted. No pics of the armor portion as it stands now, but there are some of the collection of plates I currently have to use for the kit at least. (Yes, there are three ab plates there; I can't figure out which one I'll need to work with until I've got Chesty cut into the separate plates.)

And finally I got the paints I need. Well, sort of. Gabrin informed me that the darker metallic green I picked up is actually the same paint she used for her first kit which tends to photograph blacker. Which is not the look I'm going for as I need a brighter green than my vest will be so the plates pop off it (the vest material is Ponderosa Pine shade sateen btw). So, going to return that paint while I'm in Silverdale this week and pick up one of the brighter metallic greens I was looking at. Shame really as that darker one is very pretty, it's just going to be too dark for my purposes.

Ok, so some could argue that's not really a brief post, but it is actually briefer than I had planned on. It'll do for now.

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